We realize that our first release will set the expectations for all releases that follow. With this in mind, our initial E.P. reflects a wide breadth of influences. If the next release were a horror movie soundtrack, it could be anticipated by this E.P. If the next release were a cover of the entirety of Neil Young’s Tonight’s The Night, this could be anticipated by the E.P. as well. Somewhere between these extremes lay the post-punk heart of Various Eggs.


Talking about the best and worst of music in 2013: 15 Pretty Good Albums From 2013


Notes on 2013:

If I had to pick one album from 2013 as the very best, it would be The Knife’s uncompromising, restless Shaking the Habitual. 

My big find for this year would be Chelsea Wolfe.  I’ve grown a little obsessed with her as I had with Sharon Van Etten last year and Anna Calvi the year before.

2013 was an amazing year for hip-hop with great stuff from Kanye, Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Deltron, Danny Brown, El-P & Killer Mike and J. Cole.  Actually, I’m amazed at how hip-hop heavy my year end list is.

Of the people on this list, I’ve gotten to see Scout Niblett, Parquet Courts, Queens of the Stone Age, Nick & The Bad Seeds and Low live in 2013.

For best lyrics, I would choose either “Male Gaze” by Pissed Jeans or “Gun” by Scout Niblett.

According to iTunes, my most listened to song from 2013 was “Jubilee Street” by Nick Cave.  Second most listened to from 2013: “Tooth for an Eye” by The Knife.

Without further ado, here is my list (in a slightly particular order):

  1. The Knife - Shaking the Habitual
  2. Kanye West – Yeezus
  3. Scout Niblett – It’s Up to Emma
  4. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
  5. Queens of the Stone Age - …Like Clockwork
  6. Anna Calvi - One Breath
  7. Danny Brown – Old
  8. Body/Head - Coming Apart
  9. Pissed Jeans – Honeys
  10. James Blake – Overgrown
  11. Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold
  12. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
  13. J. Cole - Born Sinner
  14. True Widow – Circumambulation
  15. Subrosa – More Constant Than The Gods

Other stuff worth checking out from 2013:

  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away
  • Inter Arma – Sky Burial
  • Goldfrapp - Tales of Us
  • Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister
  • Chelsea Wolfe - Pain Is Beauty
  • King Krule - 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
  • Major Lazer – Free The Universe
  • Chance The Rapper – Acid Rap
  • Low – Invisible Way
  • Julia Holter - Loud City Song
  • El-P/Killer Mike - Run the Jewels
  • Various Eggs - Don’t Expect Much From Other
    ( ^ ;) shameless self promotion)

Talking about the best and worst of music in 2013: Please pay more attention to Anna Calvi.


Please pay more attention to Anna Calvi.  Well, pay attention to her music.  Ignore her interviews, which all play out like a distracted child who has been scolded repeatedly to “sit still and pay attention to the nice man.”

Watch Calvi on stage with her pulled back hair.  Her lipstick. Her high heels.  Her satin blouse. Her dirty Telecaster.  Can someone tell me how that ‘guitar solo’ is being made in “Cry”?  I’m not sure I will ever have a setting where that sound will make sense for my own music, but it feels important to know the what and why of this.

Pitchfork said some pretty terrible things about One Breath, which was released in the Fall.  The funniest of which was that Anna Calvi is one step away from Leona Lewis on the song “Cry.”  Leona Lewis.  Watch the clip below and tell me when Leona Lewis was ever such a bad ass.


Various Eggs Don’t Expect Much From Others

1. Biggest Fish
2. Summon Us All Up
3. Interstitial #1 (Thank You G.B.)
4. Girls
5. Disposing of “The Need”
6. Interstitial #2 (Duet)
7. I Wish The Best For You

Julie Bosak: Vocals
Tricia Kupec: Drums
Justin Poroszok: Bass
L.J. Rafalko: Songs, Etc.

Recorded and mixed by Allen Bergendahl and L.J. at Scott’s Addition Sound, The Birdhouse, The Hope Church Studio, and a warehouse in Ocean, NJ. Mastering by Full Circle Mastering.
Art work by John Murdock.

Mending Wall 1

We were reviewed!  Thank you Sarah/SoundsOfRVA for the kind words!


Various Eggs - Don’t Expect Much from Others

Various Eggs is a trio (although pictured below as a duo, and is sometimes a quartet with additional vocalist, Julie Bosak) led by LJ Rafalko's engaging baritone vocals and complex songwriting. The band is rounded out by drummer Tricia Kupec and bassist Justin Poroszok.  Various Eggs have just released Don’t Expect Much from Others, their debut album.  While the title is a jaded life lesson, the music keeps the listener on his or her toes.  Many of the song titles add up to a break-up album recorded out of hate, revenge, or just bitterness.  But these emotions often precipitate some great, dark music.  Just when you think you’ve got the pattern of the song down, Rafalko switches the arrangement, rhythm, and substance to something less tangible.  Check out “Girls” for a lumbering Tom Waitsian song of heavy low end and minimalistic proportions.  The bitterness fades away in the final track, “I Wish the Best for You” in which Bosak’s vocals have some supple reverb and are layered.  The melody is so hauntingly present while various percussion and electronics create a canvass for Bosak’s soaring voice.  If this song doesn’t touch your soul a little bit, you may want to see if you’re still able to feel things.

I dislike the idea of bands sitting down for pictures.  They always seem artificial to me, even if they are supposed to be candid.  But, I’m relenting on this a little bit because I understand that music is personal and that ‘person’ is the first part of that word.  These pictures were taken at my house in October.  I don’t know how the first picture gained an additional eye, but I now like the strangeness of it. -LJ

This is our first demo EP.

01 Kelly Clarkson
02 Thomas Wolfe
03 You can be a Republican in the morning
04 Dance Impostor

“I wish the best for you” is a song from Various Egg’s upcoming EP, Don’t Expect Much From Others. This is one of the three songs on the EP to feature Julie Bosak on vocals.

You can download it (for free if you like) from our bandcamp page: